All-Time Albums: #95


COLDPLAY A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Politik 5:18
In My Place 3:48 (UK single, #2)
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face 4:57
The Scientist 5:09 (UK single, #10)
Clocks 5:07 (UK single, #9)
Daylight 5:27
Green Eyes 3:43
Warning Sign 5:31
A Whisper 3:58
A Rush Of Blood To The Head 5:51
Amsterdam 5:19


Hmm, Coldplay. I have a strange relationship with this band, rather like I did with U2. Are they annoying twats, or just a great band? Probably both. On the one hand, they epitomise the greyness of modern corporate pop/rock, that worthiness and sense of dreaded authenticity which winds me up. And yet….and yet….they’ve made some pretty good records. And none better than this, their second album.

Taken on merit, A Rush Of Blood To The Head is a superb record. Green Eyes aside, I can’t find fault with any of it. This is the sound of a band seriously intent on making a great album, before they started borrowing ideas and styles quite so blatantly from other people (Pet Shop Boys, Arcade Fire, Eno/U2 etc). The first half is as blindingly good as any in modern rock; Politik to Clocks is a flawless run of songs.

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