One hundred reasons

Here are the 100 albums that I like the most. They are in some sort of general order; beyond the Top 20, there isn’t a whole lot between any of them. I could have tried to “rate” them and work out averages to judge each album against the rest, but in the end I just laid out the covers in Windows Explorer and moved them around until I was satisfied with the outcome.

I’ve tried to come up with a format that’s easily repeatable for each of the 100, with some facts and figures, plus a bit of background information on why I have included them. Nobody wants yet more reviews or track-by-track breakdowns, so I will do my best to avoid that trap.

Hopefully, there will be something of interest along the way, and a chance to discover or re-evalulate some of these LPs. Or you can scream at me for overlooking your favourites…



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