All-Time Albums: #92


ROSANNE CASH Black Cadillac

1 Black Cadillac 3.45
2 Radio Operator 3.23
I Was Watching You 4.02
4 Burn Down This Town 3.11
5 God Is In The Roses 4.07
6 House On The Lake 3.32
The World Unseen 5.13
8 Like Fugitives 3.41
Dreams Are Not My Home 3.41
10 Like A Wave 3.26
11 World Without Sound 3.42
12 The Good Intent 3.45
13 0:71 1.11


Losing your parents is bound to have a profound effect; losing them both within a short space of time surely even more so. That was the situation Rosanne Cash found herself in, and Black Cadillac was her remarkable response. It’s a tribute to Mom and Dad, their legacy, her memories, and shot through with an almost hymnal majesty and beauty.

I do not confess to have been the greatest Rosanne Cash fan; in fact until this album I was hardly aware of her work beyond the occasional review or feature in the “grown up” music magazines. Yet early in 2006, the BBC aired a documentary on the Black Cadillac project, a mix of interview footage and live studio performances of several songs. The whole thing just knocked me for six. I was in a particularly melancholic frame of mind at the time, and something just really clicked.

It’s reminiscent of k.d. lang’s 1992 album Ingenue in a way, a suite of songs that all share a common feel, with absolutely no weak links.

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