All-Time Albums: #74



1 New In Town 3:19 (UK single, #13)
2 Earthquake 4:04 (UK single, #84)
Stuck On Repeat 3:22
4 Click 3:16
Remedy 3:19 (UK single, #6)
6 Meddle 3:16 (UK single, #97)
7 Ghost 3:03
8 Mathematics 3:26
9 Symmetry 4:30
10 Tune Into My Heart 3:42
11 Hearts Collide 3:45
12 No Brakes 3:58
13 Hands 4:06

What’s left to say about an album that hasn’t already been dissected to death on the legendary Popjustice forum? This was Little Boots’ debut LP, it did quite well (UK top 5) but obviously not well enough for her label (679/Atlantic) or her detractors.

Rethinks, separations and downsizing would follow, but she’s still around; making neat pop music on her own terms now.

In terms of ’00s electronic pop, this is as good as it gets (10 weeks atop my personal album chart in 2009 bears that out). The singles are catchy as hell, there’s hardly a weak moment (let’s overlook the closing/hidden title track, okay?) and – whatever anyone says – she made a very cute popstar.

Warners were pushing her in some sort of airbrushed Kylie/Goldfrapp direction, which never played to her strengths, but the killer songs come thick and fast. Some are a little edgy (New In Town, Ghost), some are…um..bangers (Remedy, Earthquake), some are plain beautiful (Tune Into My Heart, Hearts Collide). There is even room for Sir Philip of Oakey to join Victoria on Symmetry.

Sadly, there isn’t room for two of her best-ever tracks, that originate from this era; Not Now and Catch 22. Had those been included, who knows how much higher Hands might have ended up on this list.

But that’s a whole other story….


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