Number Ones: #8


  • DEPECHE MODE People Are People (Mute)
  • Week Ending 7th April 1984
  • 1 week at #1

Depeche Mode were yet another act whose 1983 releases had signalled a major development, both artistically and commercially. Having survived the departure of key member and main songwriter Vince Clarke after just one album, there followed a period of transition as obvious to witness as it is cliched to point out.

With that difficult second album out of the way in 1982, a new course was plotted thanks to the introduction of Alan Wilder to the band full-time. Cue one of the most fascinating and rewarding imperial phases in music history, from Get The Balance Right! all the way to the end of the 20th Century.

People Are People may have only topped my fledgling personal chart for one week, and only became their first single to do so because Everything Counts and Love, In Itself came before its inception, but…trust me, we will be seeing quite a lot more of Depeche Mode in the course of this look back at all my #1s….

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