Number Ones: #25


  • HEAVEN 17 This Is Mine (Virgin)
  • Week Ending 3rd November 1984
  • 2 Weeks At #1


There was a lot more to Heaven 17 than Temptation. Their finest album wasn’t even Penthouse & Pavement (sublime as it may have been). By late 1984, they were still managing to nudge the mid-20s on the UK Chart – This Is Mine was the third single in a row to make either #23 or #24. Yet, early 90s remixes aside, it would be the last time they troubled the Top Of The Pops studios.

On my personal Top 40, however, Heaven 17 were far from done. Having reached #2 with Sunset Now, the lead 45 from the How Men Are album, they went one better with its follow-up….and did so without hanging around, debuting at #12 before “going on to the top” just a week later. “No more wasting time”, indeed.

This Is Mine was arguably the strongest track on How Men Are, although I wasn’t to know this at the time since a combination of occasionally odd purchase decisions and the obligatory lack of pocket-money meant I hadn’t heard the album. Strangely, given what happened with the next single (more on that in a few Number Ones’ time), I didn’t actually own How Men Are until the late 1990s when I began to fill the gaps in my CD collection.

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