Number Ones: #41


  • DEAD OR ALIVE Lover Come Back To Me (Epic)
  • Week Ending May 11th 1985
  • 1 Week At #1


The follow-up to You Spin Me Round was, as they say, eagerly awaited. Having made the most exciting hit record of 1985 so far, what would Pete Burns & co. do next? Could lightning strike twice?

Somewhat inevitably it couldn’t, but there was at least some excitement at the assertive electro-disco of this second SAW collaboration. ‘Twas not a shrinking violet; that much can be said of Lover Come Back To Me.  It didn’t wander too far from the winning formula, though neither the song nor the arrangement were quite strong or sophisticated enough to achieve the same level of success.

Its solitary week atop my own charts (it underperformed on the UK Top 40, peaking at #11 on its second appearance before going into immediate reverse) reflects how keen I was for another You Spin Me Round, how instantly appealing this sound was proving to me, but also how lightweight and fleeting the actual record’s qualities arguably were.

Nonetheless, I’d soon be snapping up the Youthquake album on its week of release and finding plenty to enjoy, from the silly-but-infectious My Heart Goes Bang to the epic, closing groove of It’s Been A Long Time. However, none of the subsequent singles lifted from the album could emulate the back-to-back chart topping feats of its first two 45s, and by 1987 Dead Or Alive were not even reaching the Top 10 of my personal charts.

As for Stock Aitken Waterman? I think they went on to do some other stuff……

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