Number Ones: #57


  • a-ha Take On Me (Warner Bros.)
  • Week Ending 26th October 1985
  • 2 Weeks At #1


It would be easy with hindsight to claim that, when this slice of slightly rinky-dink synth pop from Norway snuck into the UK Top 40 at #36 on an early Autumn Tuesday, I had found my future favourite band (at least until 1989).

Along with most people, I thought Take On Me was very catchy and was swayed by the then-groundbreaking video that mixed live action with pencil-effect animation.

Did I like it enough to buy the single? Eventually, yes.

Did I like it enough to think about buying the album which followed a few weeks later? No, not even remotely.

Did I ever imagine that the album – Hunting High & Low – might actually contain music which would provide an all-too-vivid soundtrack to the next few, tumultuous years of my life? Nope, but soon I would be making that discovery…..

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