Confetti falls from every window…


Happy Birthday “Hats”….you’re 30 today!

Regular visitors to this blog will be aware of my enduring love for this album, which continues to be my #1 Of All-Time – and October 9th 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of its release in the UK.

Thus far, we have only had the one re-issue, a 2CD Deluxe in digipak format a few years ago. Although the remastering added new depth to a familiar friend, the bonus material was…well, somewhat thin on the ground. A smattering of B-sides (by no means all of them), a couple of outtakes (lovely) and some “live” studio recordings (ummm).

In the interests of (some kind of) completism, here’s a screenshot of the “Hats” section of my Blue Nile playlist in iTunes, which runs to almost 100 tracks. This covers pretty much all the material from the 2CD deluxe, plus assorted 7″ mixes and all the B-sides.



(The “Deluxe Edition” refers to a homemade version I concocted, while “Love Themes For The Wilderness” is one of my 2-disc homemade anthologies, covering their best-known work).

Also coming soon is a Vinyl reissue of the main album on November 22nd, which will come as a relief to anyone trying to source an original copy of the LP for sensible money!

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