Number Ones: #112


  • LEVEL 42 It’s Over (Polydor)
  • Week Ending 26th September 1987
  • 2 Weeks At #1


Having reached the Top 10 with all seven of their singles released since my Top 40 began, Level 42 scored that elusive #1 with the penultimate 45 from Running In The Family.

Where Hot Water (#5), The Chant Has Begun (#8), Something About You (#3), Leaving Me Now (#4), Lessons In Love (#3), Running In The Family (#7) and To Be With You Again (#5) had fallen short, the outstanding moment on the album – a reflective ballad bathed in warm synths that, for me personally, evoked the ethereal beauty of 10cc’s I’m Not In Love – made light work of knocking the mighty Depeche Mode off the summit.

Running In The Family was by now several months old, but still on high rotation chez afdpj (as well as far from finished commercially, either), so It’s Over’s overdue shot at the charts might have come too late to get the position its status as one of my top album cuts of 1987 would deserve. U2 also electing to put Where The Streets Have No Name out at the same time was another obstacle in its path, yet Bono & Co. had to settle for runners-up position while It’s Over held sway for a fortnight.

Mindful of how long the track had already been around, the label opted for a new version, unsurprisingly edited down from its 6-minute original running time but more surprisingly sprinkled with slide guitar parts and a busier arrangement. I preferred the original (and still do), but these changes were not detrimental enough to thwart its serene passage to the top.

In a year when success on my singles and album charts became ever less entwined, several of my favourite albums of early 1987 – Tango In The Night, Solitude Standing and Sign O The Times – failed to yield a #1 hit between them. Tango was home to a pair of #2s (Big Love, Seven Wonders), Solitude Standing‘s best was a #2 for Luka and a #4 for Tom’s Diner, while Prince was unluckiest of all, just missing out on no less than three occasions (the title track, If I Was Your Girlfriend and U Got The Look). So for a while it seemed that Level 42 would remain in that esteemed company, as its first three singles followed the same pattern.

In fact, having finally joined the party in terms of this look back at all of my #1s, they are destined to be with us again…

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