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It’s about time. We’re just a few months shy of amazinglyfewjukeboxes‘ fourth anniversary, and the readership continues to grow. Now, writing (very) long articles about Sting is all well and good, and compiling lists of this and that is too, but more opportunities for interaction and discussion would not go amiss. The comments feature allows any of you lovely people to add your input, of course.

Having a proper discussion forum, however, will – hopefully! – mean a greater level of debate. It can be somewhere for people to post about whatever music-related stuff they want. If it’s connected to something on this blog, even better. I don’t get to post nearly enough articles and projects as I’d like, which is a constant source of frustration, so a forum will also give yours truly a chance to share more of the things I have going on…be they lists, archive projects, home-made anthologies….moans about rubbish CD packaging!

The forum can be found at – it’s a little basic right now, but at least it works….

Please come and join in, tell all your friends, spread the word, and all those other promo cliches!


  1. Even if it is not my choice of music, I have found that many articles you have presented are informative, interesting and even, in some cases, have influenced my future enjoyment of music I perhaps have ignored previously.

    I also enjoy being reminded of the context of the music you have covered – understanding is all part of life and the info you provide often helps my appreciation of where we were at at the time.

    I hope the forum takes off – reading other people’s takes on music is a good thing as it does expand my mind.

    Just wanted to send this message of encouragement for you and I look forward to being part of the forum.

    P 😉


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