Number Ones: #60


  • WHAM! I’m Your Man (Epic)
  • Week Ending 7th December 1985
  • 2 Weeks At #1


Of all the Wham! singles, the sole non-album offering from 1985 – I’m Your Man – is for me the finest exponent of George Michael’s unstoppable, uncanny knack for effortless, joyous pop music during the mid-80s.

Nobody knew it then, obviously, but it wasn’t to last. I’m Your Man was greeted with the same enthusiasm as everything they’d released since 1984; a UK chart debut at #2 and top of the pile a week later. Business very much as normal. Yet understandably, George wasn’t fulfilled by churning out this effervescent kind of modern Motown, even if he happened to be brilliant at it.

As pop songs go, there’s not a lot to it, and therefore not a great deal to be written about it; I’m Your Man is however a track which quite strongly evokes a particular time in my own life. Lots of evenings and weekends spent driving around West London with my family, browsing the big record stores in and around Oxford Street and Marble Arch, listening to Capital Radio a lot more in the evenings after School, feeling as though everything was on the cusp of an exciting new phase.

Growing up, basically, I suppose. Getting a sense of what I liked, and where I wanted to be. What I wanted to do. If I’m honest, I’d not coped too well with the process of moving from an idyllic childhood into the next period of my life, but by December 1985, the weeks when I’m Your Man was on top of both the UK charts and my own Top 40, things began to feel different.

Unfortunately for both myself and Wham!, it turned out that we’d essentially peaked at the same time.

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